carpets & rugs


Our showroom has a wide selection of beautiful area rugs for every room in your house. We have many resources for custom rugs including wool, silk, Persian and hand made, hand knotted rugs from Tibet.

rugEllen designed this William-Morris-inspired rug in our Showroom. We emailed the design off to our friends at Royal Intercontinental, and the process began! The result is a beautiful, hand knotted, 100% highland Tibetan wool, hand made rug.

In addition to Royal Intercontinental, some of our carpeting and rug partners are Momeni, Missoni Prestige Mills, Nourison and Safavieh.


Ellen’s Interiors has many types of carpeting on display in our showroom in hundreds of weaves, colors, patterns, and price points to fit every room in your home! 

Installation is performed by our trusted craftsmen who have the expertise to install even Wilton weaves and plaids perfectly.


Known for their extra thickness and strength, Wilton weave carpets are high quality carpets that can accommodate exquisite patterns and textures.

Tufted carpet is either machine or hand knotted and glued to two fabric backing pieces for added strength.  Tufted carpets are the most affordable carpets available with the greatest range of patterns and textures.

The finishing style you choose for the carpet will determine its depth, feel, and look.  There are several styles to choose from:

      • Cut Pile:  In a cut pile carpet, the top of each yarn loop is cut to a uniform length.  This creates a luxurious, soft feel.  You may want a plush carpet, which has a higher pile height, or find a velvet carpet, which has a shorter pile and is less apt to show signs of use.
      • Loop Pile: As indicated by its name, the yarn is continually looped, which can create textures from closely curled to thick and nubby.  Loop pile carpets are ideal for high traffic areas such as hallways and stairs.
      • Berber:  Berber carpets have a large-scale nubby texture. Tufts are looped and aligned in rows, creating a clean, uniform look, and usually contain small flecks of dark color or lighter shades of background colors.
      • Sculptured: Sculptured carpet has both looped and cut tufts which are used together to create patterns, even without variation in color.
      • Saxony Pile: A long, dense, shaggy cut pile with heat-set plied strands with well defined individual tuft tips, Saxony pile carpet has a textured look.
      • Frieze (or Hard-Twist) Pile: Designed to feel and look good but still wear very well, hard-twist is a cut pile which has a heavy (or hard) twist or kink built into the yarn. Hard twist is usually found in solid colors, but it can be combined with other types to create a two-toned, textured effect.
      • Commercial Carpets: Commercial carpets are generally used where there is very heavy traffic. Commercial Level loop has small loops and Commercial Cut Pile is a short napped plush type of carpet.


The majority of the carpet contains one of several pile fibers: nylon, polypropylene (olefin), acrylic, polyester, or wool.  Ellen’s Interiors can help you select the carpet fiber to fit your needs regarding resiliency, and resistance to abrasion, soil, and stains.

      • Nylon is the most durable of the synthetic fibers, providing good resiliency, yarn memory to hold twist, stain and abrasion resistance.
      • Polypropylene is growing in popularity as an economical fiber selection.  Also called olefin, polypropylene offers superior stain resistance as well as to sunlight fading.  It does, however, have less than perfect abrasion resistance and resiliency, which can lead to crushing, and has limited color selection due to its dye method.
      • Polyester is available in a wide selection of textures and colorations, is extremely fade resistant, and is very stain resistant.  Like polypropylene, polyester is not as resilient as other fibers, but is non-allergenic and sheds moisture well.
      • Wool is the traditional choice in carpet fibers, offering excellent resiliency and durability along with a deep, rich look and feel.  Wool comes in beautiful colors, has natural stain-resistant qualities, and cleans very well.
      • Acrylic fibers are available in a wide color range, have a springy feel, are soil resistance, and clean very well.