construction phase services/ project management

constructionphase picOur staff works with your subcontractors to insure that your approved interior design is implemented with quality products and workmanship. Ellen's Interiors Project management includes:

  • Collecting bids and hiring reliable experienced subcontractors: carpenters, plumbers, electricians, audio-visual people, landscapers and artisans, whose skill sets are appropriate for your project.

  • Creating schedules at the beginning of your project to schedule your project's timely completion.

  • Providing subcontractors with necessary paint and lighting schedules, reflected ceiling plans, drawings and elevations.

  • Conducting site visits to work with subcontractors, supervise project progress and to address technical issues of the design.

  • Managing issues that arise during the construction process and assesses options and alternatives available given field conditions.

  • When necessary, working with you to rework original drawings to reflect changes dictated by field conditions.

As project managers, Ellen's Interiors is the "Go-to-Team" for your project from design approval to project completion, so that you can address your questions and concerns to one person and have peace of mind that your project is being implemented as designed!