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Annie|Catherine Coasters

Barrick Design Candles

Seastones Coasters


Seastones Wine Glasses

A colorful, fun assortment of designer stationary and accessories. All of Annie|Catherine's products are made in the USA using recycled materials.

  • Journals and matching note pads
  • Drink coasters
  • Note card sets

Mayan Placemats
Colorful placemats, dish towels, and aprons hand woven by a group of women who living in Cajola, Guatemala, who use sustainable business and fair trade practices to ensure that their children have access to education, health care, and a better future.

Handmade Napkins and Table Runners

100% cotton, hand woven, washable napkins and table runners to dress any table!

Barrick Design Candles

Free-form candles in a variety of colors, sold individually or in collections of three shades.

Danica Tapered Candles

In a rainbow of colors! - White, ivory, maize, pumpkin, peach, salmon, poppy, wine red, fuschia, lavender, iris, periwinkle blue, cobalt blue, antique blue, turquoise, seafoam green, willow green, black.


Made by Mother Nature and gently rounded through years of rolling in the ocean, Sea Stone collectibles are both practical and beautiful!

  • Wine glasses
  • On the Rocks
  • Man Coasters
  • Cool Cordials
  • Robe hooks

Bella-Luz Nightlights

Bella Luz Studio's Luminette nightlights add a warm, enchanting glow to any room. Each one comes with a nightlight fixture and a 4-watt bulb, ready to plug in and enjoy. The hammered copper swirl shown hanging off the Luminette frames covers the switch andt easily moves out of the way to turn the Luminette on and off.


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Bella-Luz Nightlights