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Inspired by generations of traditional New England craftsmanship, Rogue Industries is a family-owned Maine company that uses custom tanned leathers from some of the world's finest tanneries and integrates a wide assortment of natural, recycled and organic materials in our manufacturing.

  • Rogue Wallets - With a patented curved edge to better fit the shape of your front pocket, the Rogue Wallet is slimmer than a traditional wallet – ensuring a great fit and discourages thieves! Stylish and innovative!
  • Bison iPad Cover - American Bison leather, craft stitching and soft poly interior. Flips for both typing and movie view modes.

SallyeAnder Soaps
SallyeAnder soaps are made from scratch, not from manufactured soap pellets or chips. These soaps and cremes are hypo-allergenic and are created with only edible ingredients so they can be safely used on newborns. SallyeAnder soaps are not created the same as other soaps, therefore their lather is different. There are no chemical lather enhancers. Instead, they recommend physically creating the lather by using a soft sponge or just enjoy the natural creamy texture instead. Lather is not crucial for cleansing, it only means that the soap is dissolving rapidly.

  • Shaving Soaps
  • Evergreen & Spruce – the perfect blend to revive and energize without over drying the skin. Evergreen works with Spruce to stimulate and balance while protecting the skin against inflammation. For dry to normal skin.
  • Almond & Oatmeal – the perfect blend to soothe and condition without over drying the skin. Almond works with Oatmeal to relieve itching and inflammation while gently exfoliating. For sensitive skin.
  • Shaving Brushes & Stands

Made by Mother Nature and gently rounded through years of rolling in the ocean, Sea Stone collectibles are both practical and beautiful!

  • Wine glasses
  • On the Rocks
  • Man Coasters
  • Cool Cordials
  • Robe hooks