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     From our last event:
     Oggetti Lighting and Borowski Glass Art

        Presenter Jeff Kutno discussed lighting as an art and necessity in our lives with Oggetti Lighting.
            With a little help from his friends, Jeff showed us the whimsical side of glass art with pieces
            from the Borowski collection. Borowski objects are still in our yard and our Showroom -- come
            check them out!








Photos from a previous event:
The Ancient Art of Tibetan Rug Weaving
featuring Gyurme Sherpa, Royal Intercontinental, Inc.

Sherpa, part of a new generation of Tibetans, was born and brought up in a refugee camp.  When founding of Royal Intercontinental Rugs, he felt it important to establish an excellent working environment and weaving facility for the weavers, as they face several challenges and harsh condition in Tibet. Part of his efforts have resulted in funds being allocated toward social aspects such as school and medical facility for the weavers and their children.

Royal Intercontinental is also very much involved in helping, building and preserving Tibetan culture through working with the Tibet Fund, a non-profit organization for the Tibetan people and as a dedicated sponsor for Tibetan Children's Village, a charitable organization based in Dharamsala, India whose purpose is to provide care and education for exiled orphaned children of Tibet in hope of ensuring the survival of Tibetan Culture. All carpets made at Royal's facility are guaranteed Free of Child Labor.

Royal Intercontinental Rugs was featured in the April 2002 issue of National Geographic Magazine and their award-winning rugs are often seen in Architectural Digest, Metropolitan Home, Elle Decor, Interior Design and various other home furnishing magazines.